Sunday, November 07, 2010


Models in Asia Idarous-Khamsin's collections

Zamda George's collections

Malaria haikubaliki designs by Diane Magesa

Shonu Sharma's designs from Kenya

Nine fashion designers showcased their collection on the opening day of Swahili Fashion Week 2010, with 16 female and six male models strutting the catwalk gracefully last night at the Karimjee hall grounds in Dar es salaam.The two-hour fashion show started right on time with pomp and colour amid applauses from invited guests who consisted of who is who in Dar er salaam entertainment, business arenas and diplomatic corp world.The nine fashion designers included Manju Msita (Tanzania), Farha Sultan (Tanzania), Kemi Kalikawe (Tanzania),Malaria Haikubaliki (Tanzania), and Sonu Sharma (Kenya) .

Others were Asia Idarous (Tanzania), Zamda George (Tanzania), Shelina Ebrahim (Tanzania/ Canada) and Tanzania Mitindo House showcased their latest world class innovative Swahili designs.Everyone around put their heads forward to catch the glimpse of the night highlights.

The interlude by MCee of the event, BBA 1 contestant who is also SFW Fashion Advisory Board member, Abby, appealed to people to take all necessary precautions against malaria as it is the number one killer disease than HIV/Aids scourge in Africa.Also, Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival has commenced. Numerous colorful stalls have filled the Karimjee Hall gardens.

Artisans, craftsmen and fashion designers from various parts of the country and within Africa have converged to offer a taste of their unique products from the multiplicity of places that they have come fromThe Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival has got exemplary art, diverse culture and great innovations. The products vary from paintings, garments, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, sculptures, beauty products such as facial scrubs and so much more, indeed there is something for everyone.Sales and marketing manager, Mr. Khamis Omar has said that this time there is a huge turn out of many entrepreneurs from across the country; we encourage people to visit and buy these products, to promote these local industries.“The Swahili fashion bazaar has facilitated participants to learn from each other and this has helped them devise means to improve their business.” Washington Benbela, Swahili Fashion Week’s Fashion cordinator observed.One of the exhibitors Ms. Munawar S.Mbarouk, of Muna Beauty centre from Zanzibar, anticipated to make huge products sales, at the same time get publicity boosts.

“Swahili Fashion Bazaar is a platform that offers such opportunity”, Ms Munawar said.Swahili Fashion Week Shopping Festival invites everyone to come and shop from truly African producers for truly African buyers.Swahili Fashion Week 2010 has been sponsored by Southern Sun, home of Swahili Fashion Week, Origin Africa, USAID Compete, MALARIA HAIKUBALIKI BASATA (Baraza La Sanaa Taifa), Ultimate Security, Monier 2000, Colour Print Ltd, Global Outdoor Ltd, Amarula, Vayle Springs Ltd, ZG Films, Darling Hair, Danish make up designs, Nipashe, Bilicanas, Perfect Machinery Ltd, 1&1 Internet Solutions, Sengi Tours, Ifashion, 361 Degrees and EATV & East Africa Radio.

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