Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Free Medical Consultation and Health Care Issue
It has been more than 20 years since some of you became a member of Japanese’s society. Many of you have established in business or occupied time for working or raising children.
Under this circumstance, some people already have knowledge about medical system or maintaining your health. On the other hand, with a long time residency, some of your brothers or sisters got serious illness and had been through an unfortunate death in this country.
We also heard such unwilling accidents happen these days, so as for Japanese, we have been crossing our mind that what we can do for our partner.
Now we are proposing to hold small lecture about medical issue and free medical consultation program for African, especially Tanzanian residents.
Ⅰ Venue: Odakyu-Sagamihara 
Ⅱ Date/Time: Sunday, 12th September, 6:00pm-   
Ⅰ Small lecture
1. Cost of medical treatment in Japan by Dr.Sawada (Minatomachi Clinic)
Health insurance is useful not only for medical treatment, also subsidy to several occasions. Doctor will give you information about the cost of the treatment for common disease in Japan and useful programs to support medical expenses.
2. How to avoid serious disease by Dr.Sawada
1. Chronic disease [Diabetes, Heart disease, High-blood pressure, etc.]
2. Communicable disease [Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS]
3. Question time from participants
Doctor Sawada will answer your problems, concerns, etc.
Ⅱ Free medical consultation
1. Free medical consultation: Private health consulting with Dr. Sawada
2. Health Check-up : Blood pressure, Urine testing and Referral letter available on your body condition
※Dr. Sawada ( Minato-Machi Clinic, Yokohama and Vice-President, NPO SHARE (Services for the Health in Asian&African Regions) ) is General Practitioner and is a fully experienced in seeing foreign patients.
Come and Join us!
Inquiry: Ms. Kaoru Kawada of Africa Japan Forum, 03-3834-6902

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